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In his radio show, podcast, book, and blog, he recommends good manners, respectful attitudes, and constant affection as the keys to a woman’s heart.

“The System” is available as a hardcover book, ebook, and audiobook, plus readers get an Interview CD and Speech CD included for free.

You can catch an excerpt of Doc Love’s response below: Doc Love knows the importance of picking Ms. His G-rated radio show pushes men to become their best selves so they’re deserving of a woman’s love. “You must have personality too.” His advice helps men with all aspects of their lives.

Scott, age 59, wrote to Doc Love to thank him for giving him the motivation to stop drinking, lose 40 pounds, and attract the love of his life. “Now I’ve been happily married for three years, and my wife and I listen in to your radio show together. ” For over 50 years, Doc Love has clearly communicated what men can do to make a relationship endure for a lifetime of happiness.

) Taking the time to show you care is really going to make a difference in your relationship.

“If she falls out of love, it’s never the woman’s fault,” Doc Love told us.

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“Many men don’t know how to approach relationships and handle them properly,” he told us.

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