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As far as I’m concerned, it should be called assault and reported to authorities immediately. Since then, the most common search term which brings people to the blog is”wife spanking.” Some of the search phrases make me want to vomit. *** Julie Anne: I found an old post of yours from last year.

Thank you for writing and shedding light on another form of domestic abuse that doesn’t get talked about very much.

If authority is to exist at all, the DD (persons using domestic discipline) reasoning goes, it must have consequences to be genuine and not merely a sham.

Keep in mind that this is all in the context of a Christian Marriage.

This website is intended to provide a refuge for those interested in a Christian Domestic Discipline marriage.

Here they might find information and share fellowship with other CDD couples without having to wade through pornography, warped practises, or distorted ideals of what we believe God created for marriage.

Or were they connected with teachings similar to an article I wrote, Wife Undermines Her Husband’s Authority in Front of Children, He Disciplines Her? I was able to find the two snippets from the show below: *** After reading Lauren’s letter and sharing back and forth e-mails, I had so many questions.

Update (12/28/15): previously, there were two You Tube videos posted of Dr. I wanted to know how did Lauren get from the point where “wife spanking” was considered “normal” to the place where she said, “THIS IS WRONG – it is ABUSE!

This site focuses mainly upon improving marital relationships by sharing the guidelines and marital roles listed in God’s Word.Months later, I finally reported on the topic of wife spanking in this article: The Christian Patriarchy Movement’s Dark Secret of Wife Spanking.Wife spanking is often referred to as Christian Domestic Discipline, as if to make it more politically correct. Please be careful if you are easily triggered by topics of abuse.You went from your father as protector/provider/authority to your husband as protector/provider/authority. Julie Anne, I think I would be OK with that, especially if anonymous.I imagine the biggest thing other women might be experiencing is that embarrassment, demoralizing, and feeling very disempowered.

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