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This is not such a terrible thing because they allow you to hone your skills and earn currency at the same time.There are not many car customizations, but there is plenty to do and plenty of ways to waste the currency that you earn.It may even appeal to the RPG crowd that enjoy gaining experience through repetitive tasks. You should play it not expecting much of a racing game or a sim. Well, some of these questions (your bullet list including "why 5 servers") are a little difficult to answer, time synchronization is quite the rabbit hole.

After which, I had to setup my Wi Fi and computer name again (and later my screen sharing preferences too, as I use VNC for remote screen sharing).

) the addition of yet more servers will make it better still.

I now have a total of 5 servers in set multiple via the System Preferences GUI: just type server names into the field with commas to separate them. BTW #2: here's the site I got the list of publicly accessible NTP servers from.

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Visit Stack Exchange I had updated my old i Mac to Mavericks just fine.

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In real life it would ruin your tires in minutes, but luckily you cannot get a flat with this game.

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