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Brianna is at The New School, in its Parsons School of Art / Design. anyway the only thing i can tell you is that he can't be worth anything he's just a normal person, believe me...i would know...

She is just lovely, and Emile is very happy with her, right now. Kristen has said that she looks up to and respects Jodie Foster as a role model.

She is 19 years old and a student in New York, studying fashion design. Disclaimer: I want to correct the Fans who are guessing that Brianna has quit school, in order to be with Emile. Or, he comes to her school to hang with her and her friends. Emile is very happy for the first time in his life, right now. why would you ask how much such a cute actor as him is worth??

He has been with her for over one year, although they first went public at the Los Angeles premeiere of the film, Speed Racer. She just commutes often to Los Angeles to be with E.

In spite of its anti-business bent, it is an exciting piece of entertainmentan emotional embrace of family as the fuel of one's highest aspirations.

Ultimately, Speed Racer is a dazzling depiction of a young man, oiled by his family's values, who is driven to be his best.

Speed Racer is a stylized cartoon with live actors and spurts and streaks of stimulating sounds, colors and action.

Visually, the Wachowski brothers' movie is strikingly colorfulunfurled in fast-moving pictures as a lifelike cartoon strip, recalling Warren Beatty's gorgeous Dick Tracyand it's action-packed. Speed Racer is built for families, not for fanboys. Lacking the full-length physicality of the cartoon's dynamic, grunting and intense title character, he is a pale imitation, with or without the jet-black helmet of Elvis hair. A long-winded first half eventually pays off while an unequivocally anti-capitalist conflict with a stereotypically evil businessman (Roger Allam) flops, even on its own terms, wrongly pitting profit against integrity.

The false dichotomy thankfully recedes into oblivion.

Trying to beat the businessman's bought drivers, Speed teams with red-hot Racer X and an Oriental punk (an actor named Rain in a catastrophic debut).

He upgrades the Mach 5 to perform fabulously impossible automotive featsremember those cheesy jing-jing sound effects from the show?

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Like a sports car, beneath the flashy exterior is a well-built vehicle with a purring motor that powers a smooth ride, courtesy of writer-directors Andy and Larry Wachowski.

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