Emily bustamante dating darrelle revis

The first two seasons chronicle her struggles to comeback in the music industry after a series of career misfires.

Olivia was publicly critical of her portrayal on the show, most notably regarding a storyline involving her relationship with her mother.

Maybe it was the fact that she made him look like an absolute a** in the very first episode of “Love & Hip-Hop.” Or maybe it’s all those rumors that she’s been spending a little too much time with Olivia’s non-man Darrelle Revis.

A source tells BOSSIP that following the rumors of a romance between Emily and Darrelle Revis – who is one of her clients – Fabolous has asked Emily to move out of the New York apartment she’s been living in on his dime.

Darrelle attended Pittsburgh University, where he was a Freshman All-American, two-time All-Big East selection, and Jim Thorpe Award semifinalist.

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Emily has had to resort to crashing with her manager, the source revealed.

It’s not clear whether or not Emily and Fab’s two year old son had to bounce with mommy or still at home with Daddy. Our source also told us that Emily had to skip Fab’s birthday party last year because it was organized by his REAL girlfriend of five years: a woman named Saniyyah who currently lives in Philly.

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