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In fact, when I phrase it like that I kind of wonder if he looked like a perv. Gorgeous Eva Longoria is dating hunky Mark Sanchez!

Several weeks later, a source revealed that the former Desperate Housewives star was indeed dating Baston.

From Eduardo Cruz to Mark Sanchez, here is Eva's love life in 7 clicks: Tony Parker Eva and the San Antonio Spurs' player wed in 2007, but following claims that Parker was cheating with a fellow teammates' wife, the couple divorced.

Despite a marriage gone sour, Eva and her ex-husband have remained friendly throughout the years.

It’s another for a grown man to like him and attend his concerts.

When Sanchez danced to “I’m Every Woman” with Bieber and Tina Fay on Saturday Night Live a while back, we could only reasonably assume he was pretending to like the song as a joke. According to WFAN morning host Craig Carton, via Ben Maller, Mark Sanchez attended a Justin Bieber concert at Madison Square Garden Tuesday night.

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That's not Mark up there with Eva looking stage right with concern and foreboding. The hot pool boy slash boy toy that Eva's character Gabby was tearing up throughout the early years of the show. Do you think that Mark has to do some roleplaying in order to get Gabby , I mean Eva, all hot and juicy?

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