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In addition, the Akko Lens AIOL can correct spherical aberrations, astigmatisms, comas and higher order aberrations, for example those caused by the cornea.Uniquely, the Akko Lens AIOL can correct ‘variable aberrations’ of the eye – i.e.Consequently, AIOLs are being pursued intensely by both academia and industry.One approach to ‘accommodation’ taken by some companies is the multifocal lens.

Presbyopia is a condition in which billions of people lose their ability to focus on nearby objects (such as computer screens or newspapers). With cataracts, lens replacement is required to restore sight; with presbyopia, lens replacement is an option rather than a necessity.

For example, in theory a 1mm movement along the optical axis of a 19D IOL will produce a change in optical power of Continuous very precise alignment of both lenses relative to the optical axis is necessary to prevent undesired aberrations.

However, in practice, and as measured in actual human eyes, single-optic AIOLs move only – which significantly reduces the accommodation that can be achieved by these lenses to approximately 0.5D.

The Design of Accommodating Intraocular Lenses The pseudophakic eye (an eye with an IOL implant) can achieve limited accommodation by shifting a single lens along the optical axis.

Most current AIOL designs are based on this type of shift, which alters the overall refractive power of the eye to produce a variable focal plane.

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