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You can’t discuss your personal relationships with a person you have just met; they will wonder about your upbringing.And issues of sexual orientation are taboo; you don’t discuss them openly except with someone you trust. If you want to make a joke, make sure it won’t offend your listeners. It is important to understand that the Batswana are a reticent and generally shy people. It would be extremely helpful to learn the most common spoken greeting: "Dumela Ma" to a woman and "Dumela Ra" to a man.Batswana will not necessarily maintain constant eye contact, but it is considered a sign of dishonesty if a person refuses to or is reluctant to make eye contact. When greeting a colleague, it is customary to shake hands with both men and women.In the northern part of Botswana when greeting an elderly person you have to kneel down and give them both of your hands if you find them seated.And in some cases, men and women will give each other a kiss on each cheek.While talking, men generally do not touch other men unless they know each other but this would be occasional.At the beginning of a relationship the distance between people when talking follows a North American standard.Keep in mind that Batswana tend to be shy so eye contact may take a while.

Work styles and pace differ between workplaces but it is important to be clean and punctual.

Silences are not a problem and speaking quietly is very common.

Once you have made a friend, a handshake upon meeting turns into holding hands for the duration of the conversation.

Make the effort to greet them using their name and you will gain lots of brownie points.

Many of the local blacks feel that the whites cannot distinguish amongst them and to walk by someone you know and not greet them is extremely rude. Ethnic background and place of residence are important factors in determining peoples’ level of comfort with touching and gestures.

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Batswana generally don’t mind talking to a person very close to them but they usually keep a distance of about an out-stretched arm from each other.

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