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The French believe a wedding is not everything it’s cracked up to be in the US, and it’s thought more to be one of the many steps in a relationship that a couple may or may not take, more so than a happy ending.Because of this, when a couple does get married, they do not assume the wedding to be their Happily Ever After.They don’t go to the bathroom with the door open and they don’t feel the need to tell their partner everything (of course, this is different than keeping secrets, which is never okay, even in the French person’s modern relationship).They don’t have to do everything together, and prefer to have at least some separate interests, friends, and routines. They would never even imagine finding fulfillment in a man or a relationship.We don’t care to know what happen to Ariel and Eric after the wedding because we just assume they are in love forever and everything’s perfect.Ursula’s dead, Ariel has legs, and they got married on an awesome boat — what else could be wrong!?The French, in general, are turned off by perfection, as is seen in their perfectly imperfect style and beauty routines, and as is evident in their relationships.And though love is the same, no matter what genders or cultures feel it, the views and beliefs about relationships can be so varied.

We know marriage takes hard work and patience and 42% of them end in divorce.

In France, religion is declining in general, and therefore less people see the need for religious binding.

There’s also a rise in civil partnerships, which means a decrease in legal marriages.

Whether it’s a first date or a ten-year marriage, French women don’t complain to their romantic partners about their growing belly fat, period bloat, or how old they think they look.

Whatever () amount of complaining is necessary is reserved for girl friends over a glass of wine.

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Scrolling through anniversary posts on Instagram (i.e., “Happy two years to my best friend!!! ”) will clue you in to the trend that intertwines romance with best friendship.

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