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See what Janet Ruddock has to say abkie and find out what Klick s diagnoses for the Myers is.See what Fire and Ice ha\c' to say al HMit the big Dallas/ Steelers match-up.The appeal, signed by all 14 fra- temities and only a few sororities, was given to Stack and Pugliese who met with fraternity presidents again last night to give their final decision."The emphasis on the part of the fraternities is to hear that they can't Rush that sounds punitive to them," said Stack."1 do think that they're being cut a huge break," he said."My sanc- tion is giving them one last shot to get their act together and to prove them- selves as strong organizations here on campus." Rut fraternity presidents are con- cerned that the cancellation of spring Rush will be detrimental to youngei and smaller chapters who need new members tor financial reasons and to prevent drastically low numbers after graduation.

The original ol the lorum wa.s to inlorm freshmen males about Ira- ternity lile and the Greek system at the University Members of vai uujs frateraitjes who were aljio atlendmg made no effort to clean up the remarks Stephen Pugliese, assistant to the dean of Students, wrote the sanctions after considering many of the other incidents involving fratemities that have been reported in the last two years "It wasn't this individual incident.' saul Pugliese "This mci- dent was the main focus, but what 1 was doing was looking at fratemities throughout the past couple of years. I determined that since the IFC Rush chairperson was there and that's the collective organization of fratemities, the whole system should be penal- ized," said Pugliese According to Stack, the incident was very serious to require sanctions that would get the attention of every fraternity.

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povertv and capital pun ishment On the administrative end, VF!

claims that ("PJP forced the group to hold elections for new officers four months prior to the finish of the i ur rent officers terms Also.

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ITie sanctions are the result of demeaning comments made by the former Interfraternity Council (IFQ Rush chairperson.

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