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That in itself will help you take the focus off you and help you feel more confident. For example, always offer to pick up the tab unless she insists on paying, open doors for her, etc. Most women like to communicate verbally and welcome the chance to be heard.

But don't overdo the gifts, lest you appear desperate. (But make sure you listen; don't just let your mind wander.) She will be impressed if you remember details about things that are important to her, such as her pet's name or her favorite book. You don't have to be a Brad Pitt look-alike, but make the most of what you have.

Give her time to wonder whether you'll call; keep her guessing.

People often want what isn't easy to get, and women like a little challenge. Many women are looking for men who are confident and decisive, who can be relied on to get things done. Always have a Plan A and a Plan B, so you don't miss the concert just in case the restaurant loses your reservation and there's a 1-1/2-hour wait.

They tend to think in extremities: you either need to look like Brad Pitt to pick up decent looking women, or you can look like a homeless and still get laid.How To Make A Lasting Impression How many times have you felt the urge to impress a girl you've just met ?I'm talking about the kind of burning need that you feel, the compulsive urge that tells your brain that you've got to impress this girl at any cost; the kind of impression that leaves your imprint in her mind. For starters, you've got to be well groomed; appearance plays an important role in the formation of first impression.Attract the Love of Your Life Have you heard about the technique Olympic athletes use to help them win gold medals?In addition to conventional practice, they do some critical mental work as well. The internet is an ENDLESS supply of quality ladies for you to date and have a lot of FUN!

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Where sometimes you just don't have all the answers on a date, the first thing you need to ask yourself is, what are you looking for?

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