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The plot is straightforward, and the movie rocks along at a fast pace.

Despite going on to work on significantly more expensive and complex films, Bound remains either the best or second-best Wachowski film the other being The Matrix.

Focusing on the emotional damage of jilted lovers, Dangerous Love Deed almost ends up more disturbing than more violent films.

Instead, viewers are treated to a slow-burning seduction set across the backdrop of a summer getaway.

Teenage strippers naked Farmiga stars as Sophie, Softcore movie rental cinemax woman whose husband is suffering from a deep depression due to his inability to get her pregnant.

Skinned for that inseparable with your girlfriend - don't refuse it watching by means of yourself.

Sensual without being directly sexual, Rope is an exploration of the subtle line between spirituality and eroticism.

In Her Composition a talented music major finds creative inspiration in the sounds her clients make during her evenings as a escort.

Their affair is fiery, passionate, and brief, as Brian leaves when his ex reenters the picture.

While psychotic sex worker stereotypes are played out, star Alexis Kendra delivers a winning performances that elevates the material.

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