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Although originally produced for season 11 the episode was held over for season 12.

Ian Maxtone-Graham was the one who suggested Jay Mohr as the real Christopher Walken could not make it to the recording.Technically it was The Riddlebox But without the Extended Plays and Compilations it was the Second Bizaar in the Year 2000.For a full list of Discography go to : ok listen carefully, the hatchet man is a logo for psycopathic records! it allows for us to say were juggalos and juggalettes with out acutally sayin it outloud and gives people an easier way of pointing…In one scene, Krusty comes in with a problem and Homer asks Marge to play "devil's advocate".However, instead of taking up an argument, the next scene shows Homer playing a pinball game called "Devil's Advocate".

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Fat Tony would later appear in the critically acclaimed "Trilogy of Error".

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