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In Season 2’s Michelle Mac Laren–directed midseason finale, Shane goes full Punisher after learning that Hershel has quarantined the county’s walker population in his barn. It might be the series’s most iconic moment: As Shane and other soon-to-be-killed-off characters (this show did you dirty, T-Dog) silently contemplate the carnage in the wake of what one producer called “Barn-ageddon,” a girlish groan emerges from inside.Meanwhile, a not-yet-ruthless Rick, eager to be a good guest, lamely insists that the farm is still safe. It’s soon followed by its source, Sophia (Madison Lintz), who’d been missing since the season’s first episode.The framing of Queen Elizabeth II is crowned in an elaborate recreation of the real 1953 coronation—featuring Handel, scepters, and hundreds of extras in fur-lined robes. Elizabeth is on the back foot, as she would put it, for a majority of this episode, trying to manage the childish behavior of the men around her.Meanwhile, her uncle and husband both have tantrums about not being king, which puts Elizabeth in the impossible position of trying to balance public duty and personal life. It’s not a setup for capital-A acting; Claire Foy spends a majority of her time in reaction mode, looking anxious and overwhelmed.I love him as a top…he obviously has problems with getting hard though.Half of the time he's like semi soft just trying to stuff it it there somehow. :-/ He just should go back on steroids and do some more videos with him rock hard!Upon his release, Moriarty sets out to ruin Sherlock’s life. Moriarty unexpectedly killing himself in the episode’s final minutes, thus throwing Sherlock—and the viewer—into a logistical panic regarding the episode’s solution. Andrew Scott—as Moriarty, he’s doing the maximally flamboyant version of the Joker’s and Raoul Silva’s get-caught schemes from , respectively.Moriarty’s suicide precipitates the season finale’s notorious cliffhanger, in which Sherlock swan dives off the roof of St. From stealing the Crown Jewels to shoving a gun in his own mouth, he makes a great spectacle of himself while making a mockery of Sherlock. Kristin, meanwhile, acts like a completely normal single girl, while Stephen has a breakdown and vigorously slut-shames her for it. “What happens in Cabo stays in Cabo.” It’s a line that so efficiently lays down the rules of spring breaks across the globe—one that is so good that seemingly everyone in the cast says it at least once in a 26-minute span. “Iconic” might be the wrong word, but Stephen’s freakout over seeing Kristin dancing on a bar is at least one of the most memorable scenes in reality TV history.

Then, eight months into the new millennium, 51.7 million people watched the season finale of , ushering in a boom of reality TV. The expansion of cable networks led to an increase in experimentation, quality, and quantity that has since been eclipsed by the advent of streaming, to the point that the monoculture experience of that finale is almost entirely obsolete.With the understanding that television is going through yet another revolution, and that the boundaries and definitions of the medium could change yet again, it feels like the right time to look back at the past 18 years and determine the 100 best episodes of TV since 2000—the ones that stunned and entertained more than any others, and in turn made television what it is today.For those of us at , this meant assembling a list that not only recognizes the best of prestige TV but also encapsulates everything that television has to offer: drama, comedy, variety, reality, game shows, and lifestyle-focused programming.Although in retrospect the significance of the ex-lawman’s conversion to Team Post-Apocalypse is undercut by the countless resolutions Rick makes and breaks in subsequent seasons, it was powerful at the time.What is the best behind-the-scenes anecdote about this episode?

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