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Truthfully, I don’t see how anyone could learn anything from watching Mrs. She talks quickly, moves from chalkboard to chalkboard, speaks a bunch of jibber-jabber, but makes no sense at all.

It’s almost as if she’s mocking the stupidity of the audience.

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Melissa performed as Barbie Bridges in adult photos and videos produced by Vivid Productions. In 1996, Melissa divorced Paul Pastore and Gene Scott divorced his second wife Christine. Scott’s claims that Melissa spoke 15 languages and has an IQ of 186, particularly when Dr. and operated in partnership with her 1992-1996 husband Paul J. Several adult films, with explicit titles, are described on the Internet as having been produced in the 1990’s by her firm.Barbie Bridges is listed in one of my references as being “Miss Nude Can-Am Exotic, out of Tornoto, Canada, in 1994″, I cannot find a pageant by that name.Upon reading into those pageants, I found that there a 1996 Miss Nude Can-Am Exotic Pageant, but to me, it looks as if it were some sort of one-time exhibition thing (also note that I cannot find a “Barbie/Barbi Bridges” in attendance in any Canadian pageant by the organization in 1994 or 1996).I did find a link to a German looking site that has pictures of a “Barbi Bridges” that looks similar to her, (circuitbomb helped) but of course, no video. She dazzled the audience with a bunch of Greek and Hebrew words, but never made any sense of what she was trying to say. She kept talking about "power" and "Christ," but never mentioned the blood of Jesus.The similarities to her are striking, but it could be argued that the girl in the photos is not Melissa Scott. Apart from the sin-cleansing blood of Jesus, we would all be hopelessly condemned to Hellfire forever. Scott also failed to mention "sin," or "Hell." To no surprise, she also criticized the King James Bible, God’s preserved and inspired Word.

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