Is real still dating doll

Except there's one difference: They're not together in this universe.

Instead, our healed Nadia finds Alan drunk and suicidal on the night of his first death with no memory of their loops together.

See the image below: The parade ending is left ambiguous, but it implies these characters reaching some sort of salvation. At the end of this will they wake up again in their bathrooms?

It's not explicitly stated, but the viewer is left with a sense of completion.

As she's dying for, presumably, the final time, the young Nadia tells her, “She’s still inside you.” It's a comment that hints at the infinite simultaneous timelines and that the young child she once was is still living simultaneously inside old Nadia (in like an emotional baggage sense).

Meanwhile, Alan must understand the circumstances that led to Beatrice cheating on him and forgive her.

The pairs join the parade and merge into one, and as they're merging we see two other Nadias walk past our Nadia, which shows the many simultaneous timelines converging.

For the first half of the season, our story focuses on Nadia, who is re-living her 36th birthday over and over, always ending in her inevitable death.

Every time she dies, she wakes up, back at her own birthday party, where she repeats the whole thing over again.

It's a moment of metaphysical dread, thinking of the immediate and cosmic implications of his death.

But, he hasn't jumped yet, and Alan asks: “You promise if I don’t jump, I’ll be happy?

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