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They’re on the ground floor and have teams of employees.Women very comfortably peruse them,” she said as she ran her palms against her modest bookshelves of sex toys.Last November, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered all “erotic shops” in the Turkish capital of Ankara be renamed “love shops” because he’s “disturbed” by them. Gulum Bacanak of the Turkish Sexual Health Institute is not surprised that it’s so taboo.

According to Turkish law, erotic shops cannot be located on the ground level, as they are across Europe.

It was 8 p.m., and I was on my way home from my office, which is generally quite conservative (as in, try not to be seen heading to a sex shop after work).

Instead of crossing at the kofte meatball stand to my apartment, I continued down Tarlabasi Boulevard.

Inside, it still felt like being in someone’s dingy apartment, but I did appreciate that there were two fewer flights of stairs and the lack of fluorescent lighting. Somehow I ended up haggling over the price of a vibrator. “You will see Eromega does not operate like other sex shops.” So, I made my third trip the next day.

It indeed was a sleek, silicone beauty, but I was not about to fork over TL 350 (roughly 0), even if it did have seven speeds. There to greet me on the second floor was a middle-aged woman wearing a fluffy lavender sweater, a colorful butterfly pin and pearls.

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