Itunes an error occurred while updating the default player

For example, if your Android’s storage root is at “/mnt/sdcard” and your MP3s are in “/mnt/sdcard/amazonmp3”, then you should set this to “amazonmp3” because the app will append “amazonmp3” to “/mnt/sdcard” to determine the full path of files/folders to scan.In the i Syncr desktop application’s settings, I’ve got my Amazon MP3 Path set to the “Automatically Add to i Tunes” folder, and I’m seeing some really weird behavior when reverse syncing MP3s. We don’t recommend setting your Amazon MP3 upload folder to the “Automatically Add to i Tunes” folder because reverse syncing with i Syncr won’t work very well.The error message reads as follows: “We could not complete your i Tunes request.An unknown error occurred (error 0x80090326).” Some users also report they get an “error -50” message, that the error messages switch between the two codes, or they simply get an “unknown error.” The issue has to do with the secure connection i Tunes uses to connect to the i Tunes Store, meaning it doesn’t affect users until they try to log in.The most common reason for error code 6 is that your i Tunes COM registration is messed up on your computer and needs to be reset.

Microsoft retired Mainstream Support for Windows XP on April 14, 2009, and then pulled Extended Support for the operating system on April 8, 2014.One user even booted up an old Windows XP machine to try i Tunes 11, but got the same error.It appears that Apple changed something on Monday night or Tuesday morning and either didn’t bother testing on Windows XP or simply didn’t care it would leave XP users behind.While the support thread in question only has some 50 replies at the time of publishing, we expect it to grow quickly as more and more users get logged out and try to log back in.Users who run network connection (i Tunes Help =Connection attempt to Apple web site was successful.

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