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TAXI: .00 NOTES: This place is good for short term stays or if you're getting your first taste of Mexico.After a while, you'll want to go to the interior of the country.Sharing similar interests would be great as well, ..I'm a normal man looking for friendship at first and depending if we have chemistry together, we could go a head for a next step.If you're visiting Ciudad Juarez for the first time, Kentucky Bar is a must see.You'll also find bars near Paseo Triunfó de República but not as in abundance as downtown.Last but not least, feminism is seemingly spreading there, so girls may not enjoy getting hit on or approached.***ONLINE DATING: If you want to meet girls in Mexico the easy way, I highly recommend signing up for Mexican Cupid. Being that Ciudad Juarez is low-class by Mexican standards, hot girls will be fewer and farther between than even four hours south in Chihuahua.You can chat with local girls and set up dates before you arrive in the country, which is a major advantage. So competition is really stiff, and most girls who are even a 7 already have boyfriends.

So this means they may have attitudes that are just as difficult as American women.

However, there are sand dunes about 2 hours outside the city that are worth seeing.

CHANCE OF HOOKING-UP IN CIUDAD JUAREZ: 5/10 Because Ciudad Juarez is a border town, the girls (except transplants from interior Mexico) are Americanized, especially if they have learned English at home (the TV stations in El Paso serve Juarez as well).

OVERVIEW: Ciudad Juarez is the largest city in the state of Chihuahua and was previously known as Paso Del Norte (pass to the north in Spanish).

Located on the United States border across from El Paso, Texas, it is an important trading post between Mexico and the US. In the summer, expect temperatures of about 40°C, and in the winter, temperatures may drop close to 0°C.

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