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Single people and same-sex couples can also choose to have a child with a friend or acquaintance, but finding someone ready to take the plunge is usually rare and often complicated.

If you feel ready to have a child and, if, on top of that, your rate of fertility is decreasing as the years go by, why wait any longer?

Then, when your profile has been verified and accepted, you can begin to look for a sperm donor, a surrogate or a co-parent.

You are now able to browse profiles of people living in your area, as well as all around the world.

When you’ve found an interesting profile, don’t hesitate to contact them to see if you could be a match.

Once you find someone suitable, drafting and signing a co-parenting agreement that outlines the details of conception and all parental rights and responsibilities is a highly recommended step to take before you do anything else.

Via these online platforms, aspiring parents can find suitable solutions to fulfill their dream of parenthood, whether this involves looking online for a sperm donor, a surrogate or a co-parent.

In the real world (in opposition to the virtual world, i.e.

the internet), finding someone willing to have a child with you can be very complicated.

When you are a single woman or man without a partner to have a child with, in a couple with fertility issues or a same-sex couple, the path to parenthood can be quite challenging.

How can you conceive when you don’t have a partner of the opposite sex or you are experiencing fertility issues?

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When you are a single woman or man who wants to have kids, you have several options. Unfortunately, adopting a child when you’re single can be quite complicated and many agencies give preference to married couples.

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