Lets end dating violence

Common Questions: Can a minor file his or her own petition in Family Court? Minor victims of abuse are allowed to bring their own petitions in Family Court, either on their own or with a lawyer or a law guardian (attorney for the child) appointed by the Court.

Day One, an organization that partners with youth to end dating abuse, publishes a free Know Your Rights Guide.

I wish, though, and I don’t think I’m alone in this, that dating violence had been mentioned as part and parcel of any topic about kids brutalizing each other.

I’m also an Executive Producer , with Kit Gruelle and Gloria Steinem, of a film that’s just months from completion, called .

I’ll choose to quote the National Center for Education statistics of 2009 that state that approximately 1 in 4 high school students are bullied and about to 1 in 3 middle school kids experience the trauma of bullying in some form.

The good news about being a “hot button” issue is that people begin to line up behind the cause, bringing critical resources, media and policy makers together to look at solutions.

Under her leadership, WIVP has been a lead supporter of the strategy of engaging men and boys in violence prevention through her support of Futures without Violence’s awareness and on ground campaign, “Coaching Boys into Men” and Jackson Katz’s “Mentors in Violence Prevention.” She sponsored a five year violence prevention in-school and community research project called the “Sioux City Project” and co-sponsored the first workplace bullying Zogby poll in America in 2007.

While many tactics of abuse are similar in adult and teen relationships, there are some special considerations to be made for teenagers: Webinars Responding to Youth Violence through Community Advocacy Sexually Explicit Media and Communication Teen Dating Violence and Protection Orders Teen Protection Orders—Research and Advocacy Teen Dating Violence: Economic Impact—Education and Earnings Teens and Sexual Assault: Addressing Potentially Unique Issues The Youthful Offender Domestic Violence Court: Can a Court Help Break the Cycle?She is also the Executive Producer, with Kit Gruelle and Gloria Steinem, of the upcoming documentary .Cindy has been directly involved in three national Ad Council Campaigns from 2002-2006 and is a co-sponsor, with AOL, Facebook, and Marlo Thomas’s “Free to Be” foundation, of a new 2012 Ad Council national bullying prevention campaign.Police should not talk to a minor suspected of a crime without the suspect’s parent(s) present.Can a minor receive medical treatment without consent from a parent?

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