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Her name was Miriam and this is why it is known also as the Hand of Miriam to the Jews.

The Torah says that Miriam was so righteous that she never experienced the ‘curse of Eve’, and credits her with spreading Talmudic teachings to the women.

These religions, too, have variations of the Hamsa in their beliefs.

For all established religions, it is generally accepted that the Hamsa is the symbol of an omnipotent Supreme Being who possesses the power to grant protection from evil and bless those over whom He rules.

The Hamsa/Khamsa is the perfect example – it was adopted chronologically by all the major religions that came in the wake of the simple animism where its roots lay.

Thus, the Jews, Christians and Muslims who successively occupied or conquered the Mediterranean/North African region where the Hamsa seems to have originated all now claim the Hamsa as symbolic of particular aspects of their respective systems of beliefs.

The symbol of the eye is rooted in the primal fear among humans of the covetous, ill-intentioned sentiments of others on what we prize and love, be it our possessions or the people in our lives.

The most common areas where this flair emerges is: Another less common variation is the depiction of four fingers between the little finger and thumb instead of just three.The most prominent of these are: The most common and widespread design of the Hamsa/Khamsa shows it as a symmetrical symbol where the thumb and little finger are shown as identical in shape and size.The more realistic version with the thumb and little finger depicted clearly and distinctly different is not unheard of but it is certainly much less common.Records show that the Phoenicians used the Hamsa Hand as a symbol of their revered goddess, Tanit.She was the patron of their capital city, Carthage, protecting it from those that intended her harm.

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