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I think they realized that maybe they had missed the boat. And this is what director, Theodore Witcher had to say: I wanted to present a woman protagonist without vanity, which I thought would be refreshing, but I guess I failed. Theodore, or Ted Witcher, was only 24 years old when he directed this iconic film.The hit singles that came off the soundtrack kept people finding the movie. Years later, I ran into Prince and he was a fan of the movie. The film, though successful among fans, was a first and last for the director.

The studio [New Line Cinema] said, “Reshoot,” and we shot the scene under an L train track.

Eventually, Witcher met Nia Long through an executive who recommended her.

But the studio wanted Tate and he liked the script.

Much to our dismay Witcher only wrote one other movie after Love Jones.

In March he told The Root: There has to be something that you want to do that a studio wants to pay for. I wanted to do ambitious films with more black people.

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You know the movie and the effect it had on you but do you know these behind the scenes facts?

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