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This FAQ will help primary and secondary (K–12) schools that use Class Dojo ensure that they can communicate effectively with parents and guardians about their students’ use of Class Dojo, and help obtain parents’ consent where appropriate.Most schools have policies that govern the use of third-party services like Class Dojo, and compliance with annual notice requirements under the Family Educational Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).3 – Set The Permissible Conditions Of Travel For The Minor The third section, “III.Traveling Alone/Accompanying Person,” will be the first area where the Parent/Guardian discusses the travel arrangements allowed for the Minor.

Class Dojo aims to give schools the information they need about our services and our privacy and security practices so they can keep parents well informed.

If the Minor is only allowed to travel with a specific individual, then you must leave the first checkbox blank, select the second checkbox, and record the identity of such party.

Two blank spaces have been provided for this purpose in this selection. a school) in charge of the Minor when traveling should be recorded on the blank line labeled “Individual/Organization Name.” Then, report the nature of the relationship this party holds with the Minor on the “Relationship To Child (If Applicable)” line (i.e. If the party accompanying the Minor has a passport then continue reporting on him or her by documenting his or her passport number on the line labeled “U. Or Foreign Passport Number (If Applicable)” along with the Passport’s “Country Of Issuance,” “Date Of Issuance,” and “Date Of Expiration.” The next task requires a detail on when and where the Minor can travel.

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx) or Open Document Text (.odt) 1 – You Must Download The Consent Form Directly From This Page Download the template displayed in the preview as a PDF or word processing file.

Generally, it’s recommended that you open this file with a program that allows you to enter information on screen so that you may print a finished document for the execution.

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You must select one of two checkbox statements to indicate whether the Minor will be allowed to travel alone or only with an individual you name.

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