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“We’re not going after new smokers or trying to get back those who quit,” says Adames, herself a former smoker who advises others to do as she did years ago and kick the habit.“We’re trying to get away from smoking.” And, she adds, the destination is a smoke-free world still teeming with business opportunities for a venerable company that’s proving versatile enough to adapt to a new health-conscientious era.Well, it sure helps to be multilingual, and for that Adames can thank her mother who saw a world of potential in her daughter.Only not while the precocious little girl was tickling the ivories.“You’ve got to be familiar with the many different customs and adhere to them by the letter.” For instance, islands settled by the English opt for common law that may evolve but remains based on consensus and precedent.Islands where the French first planted their flag continue to emphasize civil law—the “code Napoleon” that lays down the rights and obligations of the people, and the laws of property, contract and inheritance.By scanning such a code with a mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet) the documentation can be downloaded, stored and viewed right on the device.A one-time fee will be charged for the first download of the documentation. how to obtain the QR codes for your machinery) please contact our service department at mail: [email protected] phone: 49 42.

The following maintenance recommendation path is the result of a detailed discussion with the customer, considering the FOCKE & CO maintenance recommendation and the customers’ experience and needs.

“I didn’t do well at piano,” Adames remembers with a light laugh, during an interview with Vanguard.

“Mother said I had to do something, and it became learning other languages.” A bonus came with being multilingual, Adames realized.

Somewhat similar is Spanish law, based on comprehensive legalities rooted in Roman law.

And the first step toward understanding the regulations?

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Download Case study More than 200 service technicians worldwide support machinery equipment from FOCKE & CO with their competence and expertise.

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