Polyarmorous dating

Not cheating on the partner you’ve monogamously committed to, even though statistics show that the majority of us will cheat and be cheated on.

Feeling smothered by a monogamous partner’s jealousy and possessiveness.

Once you've gone the route of tossing aside traditional notions of how a relationship/family has to be, it opens up a lot of possibilities about making things the way you want, not just in the sexual arena.

No conversation is off-limits, all boundaries are negotiated (whether explicitly or implicitly), and you will always be bridging a gap between two (or more) different comfort zones to find a solution that works for you; dictates from culture and friends, mono or poly, never help as much as real communication. That emotional challenges are fantastic opportunities for growth.

A more acute awareness of managing finite resources (time, attention) versus non-finite resources (love).2.

For any confusion to the other couples i am female 5'3 38C and shaved and bisexual! AFF does not seem to have a way to change this status for free. With the way IM works we will have to wait before we do that.I am into camping and hiking fishing love to cook music movies and walks on the beachi am looking for women or couples only,,,,, NO SINGLE MEN!!!When I see poly couples try to shield each other from challenges so much that no growth is happening, that's usually a relationship where the "poly" part is faltering or failing.No relationship can be successful if the parties involved don't have emotional support networks outside that relationship.

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And while the definition of polyamory is still evolving, even amongst those who practice it, it’s generally understood to describe having more than one sexual or romantic partner.“Polyamory come from the greek word for many and the Latin word for love,” Polly Superstar, author of Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary, told Bustle.

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