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World champion Hamilton hugged Hubert's mother Nathalie (top left) as she and her son held up the tragic driver's pink and white helmet (centre).

Hubert, who had been competing in his first season in the sport's second tier, rammed into a barrier as he tried to avoid a suspected out-of-control car yesterday (bottom right).

He also made clear he is ready to sacrifice his career to stop the country crashing out.

Meanwhile, a poll has underlined the growing appeal of an election if Parliament does block Brexit, suggesting the Tories could win a majority of 28 seats (right).

In Birmingham those standing in the morning rose from 9 to 19 per cent.

A friend of the Queen said: 'You've got a serious crime linked to the kind of behaviour towards women that people feel particularly strongly about at the moment.Miss Lapper said 19-year-old Parys (both left) suffered depression and anxiety and turned to drugs as he was tormented by classmates who called her a 'crip'.The 54-year-old, who was born without arms and with shortened legs, became one of the most famous pregnant women in Britain when artist Marc Quinn made a sculpture of her that stood in Trafalgar Square, London (inset).Aerial photographs show the traveller site as an eyesore on the waterfront and close-up shots reveal rubbish strewn across the neatly-trimmed grass on which the vehicles were parked.Most cities, including Bristol and Newcastle, saw an increase in people being unable to sit at peak times between 20.

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Five years ago Michael fell while skiing and suffered a serious brain injury.

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