Ps3 zing when updating games

One of the earlier PS2 titles, Ico is an epic adventure that serves as the spiritual predecessor of the late PS2 blockbuster, Shadow of the Colossus.

Every so often a Disney-licensed game manages to surprise us with solid gameplay.

Though many of them might be older games that she hasn't had time to actually do a review on yet! *giggles* This year brings many many new things to the world of gaming.

With the possible announcement of new systems *fingers crossed* there will be much to look forward to at first E3 then Comic Con and of course Zephy and Edalyne's favorite BLIZZCON!!

IGN’s Review: The world of Kim Possible is very cartoonish and uses the 2.5-dimensional style of Viewtiful Joe.

All the action is side-scrolling with plenty of platforming, but it is a 3D world and the camera moves around to take advantage of this.

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