Qt creator ui not updating

Our implementation is like this: Starting the thread: In Qt you can not call the majority of the API from a different thread. However I guess the problem was that I only tested the foldersize with recording rosout. Qt Designer is a user interface design tool for Qt applications that makes it possible for non-programmers to create user interfaces for applications.Each custom widget created by this plugin will be configured using this description. Py Qt4 includes a common plugin loader for Qt Designer that enables widgets written in Python, with corresponding plugin interfaces defined in the way shown above, to be automatically loaded by Qt Designer when it is run.

It provides good support for developing for embedded systems, including cross-compiling, deploying to a target system, debugging and profiling.Before the widget can be used in Qt Designer, we need to prepare another class that describes our custom widget and tells Qt Designer how to instantiate it.The approach used is the same as that used for C plugins; the only difference being that we derive our plugin class from a Py Qt-specific base class.For this example, I'll use the Raspberry Pi platform.It is a popular and low-cost board that can be used for embedded applications.

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It's free, well documented it was suggested we present detailed instructions showing how to configure Qt Creator for a common embedded board.

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