Regina spektor dating only son

Jack has performed a duet with Regina Spektor in the past when they joined voices in the song The couple seems to be living in marital bliss since no rumors or controversy have been heard about them.

Although the details of her height are not certain, the talented singer cum songwriter weighs a total of 60 kg with general body measurements of 34-28-34 inches.

The singer grew up alongside her brother Boruch – The Bear whom she featured in her song titled During her formative years, Regina Spektor mastered the intricacies of the piano by constantly practicing on a Petrof upright which was a gift from her grandfather to her mum.

The rising star grew up listening to popular Russian Bards like Bulat Okudzhava and Vladimir Vysotsky.

Her dad whose hobby was trading cassettes with friends in the USSR and getting recordings from Eastern Europe gave her enough exposure to rock and roll bands like the Moody Blues, Queen, and the Beatles.

She finished her high school education from Fair Lawn public school in New Jersey after spending a couple of years at Frisch School which was also located in New Jersey.

Sonically, Only Son has one foot in the arrangements and melodies of late-Beatles Mc Cartney, the other in the ambitious scope of late-90s Radiohead, and a third leg in David Bowie’s stardust.

Dishel is not a musical magician in the strictness sense, but in the song, “Magic,” he is pretty clear: even if you know how he recorded that guitar, what preamps he used, how he miked the drums, and his relationship with his mom, you’ll never be able to assemble his soul.

The DRYVRS comedy web-series is his brainchild and he was the songwriter and singer of the hit titled and also came in as the lead guitarist of the group Moldy Peaches.

Just like Regina’s family, Jack’s family members were also refugee immigrants from Russia to the USA.

The Famous entertainer Regina Spektor whose birth name is Regina Ilyinichna Spektor was born in Moscow on the 18th day of February 1980.

Her mum Bella Spektor was a professor of music at the Soviet college of music who reverted to teaching music in a public primary school in New York upon their immigration to the United States, and her dad Ilya Spektor works as a photographer and an amateur violinist.

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