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The young lady here in chapter one is remarking how the young man’s name evokes feelings of admiration from the young women—he has a great reputation! The young maiden is a beautiful girl, but the emphasis here is on her character.She is obedient to authority (her brothers) and works hard.Michael Jordan, Paris Hilton, Bill Gates, Michael Jackson—what came to your mind when you read each of these names?

Within the 8 chapters of the Song of Songs, we learn about: Names bring impressions.

Find a handful of bible verses for weddings below that will make your wedding card message unique.

Your wedding day resembles the special union of the two of you.

The wedding invitations have to be out by Friday, you still need to confirm the bouquet arrangements with your florist, and to top it all off, your mom is complaining about not having a say in the dinner menu.

It’s easy to get lost in the stressful moments of planning a wedding but, you should take it all in.

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Scroll through our entire collection of scripture or quickly discover verses that best suit you: The bible provides wonderful verses about love.

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