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We each grabbed a glow stick, a scratch-and-sniff card, a “save the clock tower” flyer, and a miniature skateboard.Before the movie started, an emcee made his way to the front of the theater to explain the rules of the game.His nine-year NBA career, spent with the Denver Nuggets, Sacramento Kings and Vancouver Grizzlies, was marked by an appearance in the Slam Dunk Contest as well as by one of the most accurate free-throw shooting records ever.After his NBA career, he played in multiple leagues around the world.United as a church, we proclaim our Lord’s death in the taking of the sacraments.

We cheered when George Mc Fly finally stands up to Biff, delivering the knockout blow. Sometimes we even quoted things that didn’t appear on the screen in karaoke text. Why did a room full of people pay to go see a movie they can buy—or rent for even less money?

(Source: Beckett Publications) Despite the fact that he never dunked in an actual game, he participated in the 1993 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, after Nuggets president and general manager Bernie Bickerstaff sent NBA league officials a tape of Abdul-Rauf showcasing his dunking ability.

Two days later, he worked out a compromise with the league, whereby he would stand during the playing of the national anthem but could close his eyes and look downward.

At various times, words would appear on the screen, karaoke style, telling us when to quote and what to say.

“Don’t you dare say the lines early and ruin the experience for every one else,” he warned, “and enjoy the !

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