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That’s easy, think about where you are sexually in your relationship.Ask yourself, who initiates sexual contact most of the time?When you get these urges which I am sure occur on a weekly basis, act on them with your man.Don’t wait until he wants you, let him know that not only do you want him but you need him to fulfill your needs as well. Eventually you and he will become balanced in the bedroom.Perception is a killer, especially when your views on where you stand differ so greatly.

Oh, let me get back on topic because you are reading this to discover how to keep your man out of another woman’s bed, right?It also has falsely led women to believe that men are oversexed.Not because he actually is, but rather because you’ve reduced him into guessing when you are in the mood. You’ve went from participating in the when and where you two have sex, to waiting on him to determine when and where and you participate only if you feel up to it. So why in the hell would you do it only on his schedule? It also creates a view of him that is not altogether true.It’s understandable that you are not in the mood every single time on his schedule. He’s not oversexed, its just that you’ve stopped initiating it when you want it choosing to wait until he requests to make love.However, what you failed to understand is that you have buried your schedule, and didn’t even realize it and this creates a problem that may result in his diving into another woman’s bed. Why not try this, everyone of you have those times when you want to make love or simply have sex just like men do, right?

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If he is getting sexual satisfaction when he wants and when you want, he’ll be less likely to look elsewhere because he’ll be too busy being satisfied at home.

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