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FBI agents subsequently locate Blade's hideout and kill his mentor and friend, Abraham Whistler. The vampires' familiars have arranged for the authorities to turn Blade over to them.

On Rotten Tomatoes, Blade: Trinity has a 25% approval rating, with a critical consensus that it "seems content to emphasize style over substance and rehash familiar themes." The film was followed by 2006's Blade: The Series, and also marks Reynolds' first superhero role, as well as his first collaboration with Marvel Entertainment.

He explains his view that all humans and vampires are inferior in his eyes and that he intends to wipe them from the Earth.

Abigail finds evidence of the vampires "Final solution": a network of 'farms' where comatose humans are drained of their blood for vampire consumption.

It has also been alleged that Snipes refused to interact with Goyer or his co-stars, and would instead communicate with them through his assistant or the use of notes.

Background elements such as signs and advertisements include Esperanto translations.

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