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This format is ideal for smaller conferences and those events with little time for the speed networking slot. This method gives attendees the chance to initiate one-on-one business relationships, or potential co-operation, with individuals and not to mention, it’s an excellent way to generate business leads.Planners who opt for this style of networking can publish a registration list with name/organization/field of interest for all attendees for a sneak preview.To execute this form of speed networking, provide your attendees with background information on the expertise of each speaker.

It also allows attendees to meet with a larger number of experts than the group setting would offer.

Each room can focus on a topic, and networking can be done round robin style: one group of attendees moving clockwise, while the other group of attendees is stagnant.

Then switch, so each of the two camps gets a chance to interact with each other, as well.

If you’re deciding on a room set, classroom style with rows of chairs facing each other works great.

Allow for enough space to either side of the chairs, so a conversation can be held despite the loud noise level expected.

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