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Allain admits the film will ruffle some feathers because there are still many who consider the subject of dating outside your race a taboo. "It's happening, and part of what the issues are has to do with people creating their box and not wanting to step outside of it.But in this day and age, it's time to break down those boundaries and explore what it is to be the human race." Actor Henry Simmons, who is also featured in the film, says he is seeing an increase in interracial couples among younger people.Unbeknownst to her, a friend of Kenya’s sets her up on a blind date with a white man, Brian, who is a landscape architect. As the work begins and progresses, the relationship between the Kenya and Brian begins to develop into a friendship.Uncomfortable with dating another race, Kenya is rude to him, explaining that he was not what she expected and does not desire to continue with the date. Kenya, still having reservations about being with a white man, finally gives him a chance, and they begin to date.Kenya only agrees that he can be her landscaper after he sends her a copy of .

Kenya loses herself in the kiss until she realizes whom she is kissing. When Brian drops her off she tries to get rid of him, but he starts to kiss her against the wall. He takes charge and they make passionate love, which is followed by an endearing pillow talk scene where he caresses and kisses her face.As Kenya decides to follow her heart and get back together with Brian, he proposes marriage.In the end, the two reconcile and marry amongst friends and family.At the end of the day, would I love to be married to a black man?Absolutely, but I don't walk around with labels," co-star Golden Brooks added.

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