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Their first meeting was most probably in the year 2000, while they became well acquainted with each other in the year 2001 during the making of their film By the end of the making of the film, it is said the two co-actors started developing a certain romantic rapport.

Kamal was very much married at that time but that did not stop him from having a fling with Simran who was 22 years younger to him.

Their divorce plea was granted in 2004 and they then moved with their individual lives after that.

This was quite a shock to fans, as the Sarika Kamal Hassan marriage had actually been a very serious one.

Apart from his acting, much has been reported and written about his tumultuous love life, like with his contemporary Amitabh Bachchan’s married life.

From two failed marriages to having a live-in at the age of 50, what exactly has been his love life like?

The news of this liaison reached the ears of Vani, and it is said that the couple started living separately by 1983.All through this mini episode, no tales of a Kamal Hassan marriage popped up.Around the year 1977, Kamal Haasan started seeing the popular dancer Vani Ganapathy.Srividya went on to marry George Thomas, an assistant director in Malayalam films in the year 1976 but divorced in 1980.She passed away in the year 2006 after a prolonged illness and it is said Kamal visited her when she was on her deathbed.

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In 1986, she gave birth to her first daughter Shruti Haasan, while Kamal was still married to Vani.

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