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It is well known that grief can severely affect a person’s health, so it is wise to prevent or limit the damage that can occur in both people and animals.Shilo’s owner felt it was too difficult for her to be present, so I offered to be with the horse during this last act of her life.A quick one is to run a fl at hand lightly and repeatedly along a meridian in its normal direction of flow – meaning, in the case of grief, along the Lung meridian from the chest down the front leg.As I did this on Colonel I could sense some of the heaviness lifting.

Sometimes they will just be a little quieter overall, which can easily go unnoticed.While such psychosomatic connections can never be proven, given the rich array of emotions evident in horses it only makes sense to support these animals when they’re experiencing grief.Just as in people, some horses may appear “normal” yet be silently grieving.We just want to do our best not to get stuck in the emotion but to face it and move through the process in a healthy way.Some horses show easily observable expressions of grief, such as waiting for days by the gate through which their buddy disappeared, exhibiting reduced social interaction, or appearing depressed.

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A gravesite had been prepared on the large property and after Shilo quietly took in the view of the sunshine-filled valley one more time, the euthanasia was performed out of sight of the geldings.

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