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The device that draws the most direct comparison to the Play Station Camera is rival Microsoft's Xbox One Kinect, Xbox One's motion and voice control peripheral device (referred to by some as Kinect 2.0, since it is the next-generation version of the Xbox 360 Kinect).The two most obvious differences are that the new Kinect comes standard with the Xbox One, whereas the Play Station Camera is an optional accessory, and that the new Kinect is much larger and cannot be placed on top of your television.This system is also aware that someone is standing in front of the display, using the Hot Spot placed where the subject should be.This added bonus allows the interactive system to greet and guide the subject when he arrives.

The new Kinect also includes an IR Blaster that throws out IR rays, allowing it to do things like control your TV or cable box.A bunch of Hot Spots have been placed in space one inch in front of screen, aligned with the buttons on the display.Whenever the subject brings his hand near a displayed button, Webcam Zone Trigger will detect that the hand is entering a 3D Hot Spot and will relay this information to the software managing the display.When setting up 3D Hot Spots, it is much easier to do with help.One person is in front of the camera and indicating where the Hot Spots should be in space, someone else is at the computer moving, sizing and setting the depth distance for each Hot Spot. Some Hot Spots may be overlapped by others and it may be impossible to click on them, this is why there is a drop-list that lets you select a Hot Spot by name.

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