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This vast city of hills has hardly a sidewalk that isn’t showing rubble.

And surprisingly the light rail, less than 3 years old, with rolling stock from China and run jointly by the Chinese Shenzhen Metro and the Ethiopian Rail Commission, shows clear signs of poor maintenance and management.

But this is “good” money, as is the money that most of the thousands of other hawkers make.

When you ask how business is going, virtually all will tell you that they make a living but that it is “small money.” And of course they are right.

Last month I rode that line from Menelik Square to Kiliti, a distance of 10.5 miles, stopping for a couple of hours midway to roam the enormous Mercato, the largest market in East Africa.

That experience made me wonder if the World Bank economists or those who so cavalierly used words like “gleaming” and “booming” had even been in the country.

When I first came to Ethiopia 36 years ago in 1982, it had one-third the number of people (36 million.) Addis’ population was 1.25 to 1.3 million people.

As for the system’s revenue or safety, they are both inconsistently attended to, to put it generously.Among these accomplishments is the opening of the 5 million urban light rail line in September 2015 (the first in Sub Saharan Africa), built with a Chinese loan and by Chinese engineers.The 20 miles of the first stage of the line were finished remarkably in 3 years.Given everything else in this “gleaming” city, it’s easy to imagine what the light rail system will look like when it is five years old in 2020.Moving along the line’s route, you see a patchwork of new construction (much of it halted), interspersed with slums.

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Even Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Prize-winning economist who is not known for a sanguine view of the world, has been optimistic about Ethiopia.

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