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The police leaked the incident to the press but didn’t charge him with striking her. It hasn’t happened in a long time, but it’s happened, and I regret those times. The main thing is to avoid the negative at all costs. The next is to find the bottom line, the ‘it.’ The fact is not personal. Now I keep my goals in mind.”New Set of Goals Those goals now include a low-budget film company, Ocean Productions, and the knowledge that more negative press is not good for business.

“And the toughest thing I did to Eva was slap her.”And he knows that was wrong. “And I never should have, and I never should have slapped Eva, no matter how crazy we were at the time. In a perfect world, I don’t think any man should slap anyone. I should have been more in control of myself, stronger, more adult.”He knows how to defuse potentially explosive situations better now, he said, and for this knowledge he credits Vital Issues, a self-improvement program for which he is executive director. The third thing is to evaluate the options and pick the best. Ocean Productions is about to release its first film--intended primarily for overseas distribution--a 0,000 action adventure starring Brenda Vaccaro and Frank Stallone (Sylvester’s brother).

He writes movingly of how he urged Pryor, subtly, to stop using drugs (Brown says he has never touched cocaine, heroin or LSD, although he has on occasion used marijuana in the bedroom).And, the book continues, he wants a woman who’s small. He writes about not having affairs with co-stars Raquel Welch, Stella Stevens and Jacqueline Bisset; how he introduced Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to menage a trois; how his good buddy Muhammad Ali was having as many as five women a night in his early years while declaring himself celibate; and how he almost became part of Ali’s management team before the fighter bucked the draft as a conscientious objector. When I get into the bedroom, I don’t want to see anything that’s big like me.” Not that he looks only for vacuous one-night stands--at least not any more. Those pretty girls from Cleveland were allowed to express themselves freely and creatively.”He knows, but he laughs. And by that standard, Brown’s book should be a best-seller.The result is a sort of extended locker room monologue--profane, outrageous, one-sided and occasionally thought-provoking.It is full of unexplained references and confusing allusions, but it also contains some frank character assessments and self-appraisal.

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