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An ex boyfriend of hers even shared a pic of one of her DR D medication bottles. Now he gets the kids a few days a month unless he has other plans, refuses to do anything for them outside the days he has and is taking away their home in the divorce. His family is a dangerous cult and all of them are unaccomplished like him. Sherry and many of her family members and friends scam people. I hope they both enjoy each other now they share “something” in common. When it was brought to light she didn’t stop even after she was told by her parents, friends and even the wife of the man she was seeing.So she’s had this crap before knows about it and continues to have unprotected sex with people. So if you see this hot mess run and never look back. This girl is 28 years old girl and still lives with her parents. When the man who she was seeing her called it off she still reached out to him.

I love him so much that I tried to believe him and we stayed together until he left me in April of 2011 with nothing that the shirt on my back 6 months pregnant I went home from my brother’s wedding.People like her have no class and deserve everything that they get when it comes down to Karma if there is such a thing as karma.You might think that I’m stupid because yes I admitted he was the sex offender but I didn’t know about his past until after I was pregnant and I also have cerebral palsy and at the time I was desperate to be accepted and loved so if that makes me stupid I stand guilty but long story short I just wanted to be loved I didn’t realize that he and she were setting me up to be conned and taken advantage of and this is my way of calling her out on it.So you see they both live off the system but the thing that hurts the most is the fact that my son to this day at 7 and a half almost 8 years old ask me why does it has that have anything to do with him and I don’t have the heart to tell him that he has three others children that he does for that my son is the only one that he refuses to claim or do anything for and this for has no problem with him this only has son if she was a real woman she wouldn’t want to be with the man who abandon his own son.She would have been courage him to pay the minimum amount with was.

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