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Many of the sequences and chatbot tools in Mobile Monkey are less about chatting and more about selecting options.

Messenger marketing chatbot services are the biggest marketing channel that has opened up in the past ten years.

Many chatbots simulate human conversation through a conversational interface (CUI).

Chatbots are web or mobile conversational user interfaces, and make it possible for humans to interact with computers in a more natural way.

And the applications are immense and promise a huge new opportunity for marketers in any industry.

Larry Kim is the premier authority on Facebook Messenger chatbots and Mobile Monkey is the industry-defining Facebook Messenger marketing software.Plus, the engagement rates are far higher than normal email engagement rates.Facebook messenger marketing with chatbots provide enormous power for marketers.Pretty soon, Messenger chatbots are going to touch all paid channels and performance-driven digital advertisers will need to adopt this technology!Mobile Monkey is the fastest-growing chatbot tool on the market today and it’s a product I’ve been watching for some time, and finding a lot of inspiration when it comes to bringing the personality to your bots.

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Facebook Messenger marketing is a lot like email marketing.

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