Site not updating

If I close and reopen my editor (VSCode) my changes are gone.

When I look at the version history, the current version doesn't have my changes, but the previous version does. Reset IIS (heck, I even rebooted the server at one time). The file is no longer in the library, but the server is still serving it up to the browser.

Help please we are in the middle of soccer registration lol.

Ok, I have never seen anything like this before and hoping someone else has.

– For old profile do not use Delete button, not even when it is become corrupted, before verifying the latest work.

After that, user able to see some account settings as well.

Consider a scenario which is related to the most common query asked by a user: “While I am trying to update any of my Outlook 2007/2010 Offline address book I was unable to access it.

Generally, users have located as well as opened the email account at once then able to recreate their profile to solve an issue of Outlook OAB not updating through the following steps those are discussed below: Step 1: First, click on the add button – Make sure do not use Copy(Ctrl C) button not even while users want to recreate their mail account or also ending to copy the corruption.

If I try to revert to that version, it doesn't take (still shows the previous version of the file). I have confirmed it is not getting it from another location as the Dev tools are showing the file is located in the Asset Library the file was deleted from.

Even users who have never accessed the site before are still getting that file in their browser. I have other developers in different sub sites (same site collection) that are having the same issues.

I just finished patching our Dev and Test servers to Nov2017CU (Share Point 2013).

Since then, any solutions that are using JS injection from Site Assets are not updating.

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Whenever Outlook OAB not updating in Exchange server, a user can fix issues by following the above-mentioned steps to recreate Email-profile and by force OAB update.

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