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This proved quite useful for overlander (conestoga wagon) cooks who did not have ready access to a reliable supply of fresh eggs.

Chocolate pudding & custard The earliest print reference we find for chocolate pudding is 1730.

However, his severe underestimation of the strength of the rebel militias, who were now calling themselves the Patriots, meant that his defenses were overrun.

17th century English puddings were either savory (meat-based) or sweet (flour, nuts & sugar) and were typically boiled in special pudding bags. The creamy, rich pudding dessert we (Americans) think of today is more closely related to custard. This food followed a separate, though parallel, path that managed to converge with pudding in 19th century America. Though time, many different kinds of foods have been known by this name.Food historians generally agree the first puddings made by ancient cooks produced foods similar to sausages.The British claim pudding as part of their culinary heritage.

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