Stop ubuntu updating thunderbird

For example, you might want to create a "profiles" directory that contains both your Firefox and Thunderbird profiles.

Check for Updates menu is enabled in the build on the Mozilla web site, but it's frequently disabled (though you can still check for updates for add-ons) if you installed it using a package manager with a graphical front end such as Synaptic or Adept.

You will have to decide which repository to use: To update, run Ya ST Online Update for the regular repositories.

For the open SUSE Build Service repository, repeat the sequence above and change the Lock symbol to the "Z"-like symbol for updating this package.

Most Linux distributions have a package manager that supports Thunderbird and Firefox.

Many distributions also provide packages for other Mozilla projects (Sea Monkey, Sunbird, ...).

If you don't get a new mail icon in the system tray try either installing it or the Mozilla New Mail Icon (Biff) extension. Not all of the fonts that you're used to are available.

You may want to install the Microsoft True Type Fonts.

If later on you ever get confused whether you're running a Ubuntu or a Mozilla build run the following from a terminal: If you don't want to use a build provided by the package manager you can download and install a release from the Mozilla web site.

Exiting the application and deleting the file in the profile also solves many problems (it will be recreated when you run the application).

You could have also used one of the other methods described in moving your profile to tell Firefox and Thunderbird where to look for the profile.

This seems to explain why Ubuntu frequently releases updates whenever a new version of Firefox is available, but doesn't do so for Thunderbird.

If the application doesn't start, type locate in a terminal.

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Mozilla strongly recommends you always update all of their applications (regardless of why a new version was released).

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