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The great thing about meeting women through friends is they are likely to be harmonious with your particular style and angle on intelligence.When I’m first getting to know new clients and listening to what they are looking for in a woman, I find that every man has his own definition of intelligence.Each man has a variation on what about intelligence is important to him: street smarts, versus quirky intelligence, versus gracious and empathetic wisdom, versus cultural openness and curiosity. Immersing yourself in classes, events, and friendships that naturally pique your intellectual interest is a great way to meet more intelligent women that suit you nicely, while becoming a better man yourself.

Intellectual stimulation alone isn’t enough to develop sexual attraction, of course, but it does help set the stage for and enhance it.This blog is dedicated to my new book, The Intelligent Woman's Guide To Internet Dating.It took me a lot of time and effort to figure out how to succeed in the Internet dating scene and to find the man of my dreams.One of the following few steps without the others won’t be nearly as strong. They don’t fall for the mindless tricks that are often taught in pickup.Especially #2 without any #3 or #4 will not allow you to attract women naturally, so let’s be sure to use all of them. This is a win-win because you using tricks goes against your very nature anyway… You don’t have to, and you’re certainly not the only person who doesn’t want to pretend like someone he’s not just to succeed in the dating scene.

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It’s stimulating to build synergy in conversation with someone, whether man or woman, platonic or romantic.

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