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What we do not always like are the things this client is doing.If a counselor finds themselves disliking this client, judging them or wishing they did not have to see them, those feelings are likely to get in the way of therapy.Professionals should not talk about their feelings except to be helpful to the client and they should not act on those feelings by creating a second “dual relationship” with clients.” The counseling relationship is a special one and the focus needs to stay on the client and their needs.The counselor needs to get their needs met at another time and place. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, low motivation, or addiction, you can recover.This can be summarized as – yes I accept you the way you are, feel you have worth as a person and have a belief in your ability to grow.In short, the counselor is supposed to like the client as a person.For these and my upcoming books; please visit my Amazon Author Page – Want the latest blog posts as they publish? Want the latest on news from recoveryland, the field of counseling, my writing projects, speaking and teaching?

One of the biggest reasons is once you are a friend, therapy does not work anymore.We counselors might call this countertransference, seeing the client through the counselor’s past experiences.In the therapy room, we have this close, emotionally intimate experience.If we find a particular client annoying we sometimes have to address that.We might need to let the client know, gently if we can, that this thing they do or say, we find ourselves getting annoyed when they do that – do other people get annoyed with you when you do that?

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