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If you bought something on your own, it remains your property.Make sure you keep proof of payments (such as receipts), and indicate who paid for the item.

While dating and meeting new people is fun, there are people who are not what they seem.

If you have made a formal and valid adult interdependent partner agreement with the other person.

Two people that are related by either blood or adoption must enter into such an agreement in order to be considered adult interdependent partners. If you are not related by either blood or adoption and if you have: The significance of a relationship being recognised as an Adult Interdependent Relationship is the rights, benefits and responsibilities that you and your partner will receive under other laws.

You may want to include all of the property in your cohabitation agreement (see Additional Resources.).

Many couples keep some of their money separate by having their own personal accounts as well as a joint account.

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In a marriage, rights and obligations start immediately once the couple is married.

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