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I've also seen Russian girls working as strippers in NJ and NY.

i wish to stay anonymous, i'm in california and was in europe once back in 70's and i know it's changed much since then but one thing is stil same: PROSTITUTION since sex is every mans favorite subject on where to find sex it's so funny how men just can't get their heads off sex.

most have never met an American because so few go there so you have that uniqueness factor if you are American.

there are some pretty cool clubs in the downtown area, Brilliantine and Exit come to mind. One time I met a girl in the street, I just went over to here and started talking with her.

Most of the time they have these prices written on their menus so I think the Police can't do anything about it, or maybe they don't want to get involved in this.

Today, there is alot less of this kind of things but it still happens while the Police is basicly standing next to you. I quickly recognized it for the scam that It was and high tailed it out of the scam piano bar.

Just be realistic and don't go with any girls who approach you on Vaci Utca. Except of that it's fun and reasonably priced city compared to other capital cities in Europe. I was walking down that same street and wanted to get a peek of what the set up was.

For example, Sofia's student town has _fifty_ nightclubs open every night during school year. the girls there are great, some could use a little dental work but they are all in shape and have great bodies.

No one talks about it, this is better nightlife than the tourist infested Prague. they're all very friendly, most of the younger generation speaks english.

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This winter I'll be taking a massive trip through the Balkans and up through to Hungary and Southern Poland to meet friends for a ski trip: Those rare cities where by chance the right combination of conditions happened to exist that make that city a fantastic place for the young single guy to visit or live. What are the Golden Cities of Eastern Europe & Russia? My friend has been all over western europe and said the only country he really liked in Europe was Czech.

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